Mini Print – Amabie

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♡ Amabie, a Japanese yokai ♡

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“According to legend, a mermaid-like creature emerged off the coast of Kumamoto in Kyushu region, an Island of the southwestern part of Japan, in April of 1846. She had long hair, a mouth like a bird’s beak, three legs, and covered in scales from the neck down. A courageous government official went to greet her. She identified herself as Amabie and delivered a prophecy: “Good harvest will continue for six years from the current year. If an epidemic occurs, draw a picture of me and show it to everyone and they will be cured.” Then she returned to the sea. The story, along with the portrait of Amabie, was printed in the local bulletin.”

  • Measures 4×6 inches in size
  • 18-19pt paper thickness
  • Silky, Soft Touch coating and gold foil accents on front