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Is booking open?

Booking opens at 10:00 AM PST on March 14th and closes March 16th at 10:00PM PST. As long as your inquiry is submitted during this time then it will be read and considered.

PLEASE NOTE: If your inquiry shows any indication that you have not read through the FAQ then the inquiry is subject to immediate rejection. When booking occurs, I have no time to repeat myself in answering questions that can be found in the FAQ. Please utilize that page as much as possible.

Booking form

When you submit a form, correspondence will continue through email only. Please make sure your email is spelled correctly in the form and that you can access it. Keep your email alerts on for my response!

To inquire about possible projects, pricing, and booking an appointment, please use this form. Before submitting, please read the “FAQ” page in case your question may have been answered. Response time will vary, with an average turnaround of 36 hours. Please be patient.

**This form may not work on mobile! It bugs out sometimes so if you don’t get a “I received your inquiry” email back from me, then the form didn’t submit or your email was misspelled! If it doesn’t work then just email me directly, but use the form as a guide!**

    Full Name:

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    Tattoo Design Description:

    Tattoo Size and Location:

    Please attach an image of the area desired to be tattooed.
    Please make sure the photo is taken straight on, not in a mirror or at an angle and in decent lighting.

    Desired Appointment Date(s), if known:
    If you know when you’d like to set your appointment, then please include the dates you’d like to get tattooed. If you’re unsure of when you’d want to get your tattoo, just include days that you would potentially be available to get tattooed.
    *I work Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri. No Saturday's or Sunday's, no exceptions.*