Frequently Asked Questions

Is booking open?

Booking is currently CLOSED. Booking will reopen sometime in March to schedule for appointments in April and May.

CUSTOM BOOKING refers to ANY project that is not a request for a pre-made/flash design meant to be tattooed as-is. This includes continuing projects already started as well as requests for sister designs of tattoos I’ve done before (if applicable, please see sections for “sister designs” in this FAQ page).

PRE-MADE/FLASH BOOKING will now be handled separately from custom requests and will be booked a week later to fill spots left after booking custom requests. Since these designs will already have a price and size listed, then these are faster and more flexible to fit around ore unpredictable custom requests.

PLEASE NOTE: If your inquiry shows any indication that you have not read through this FAQ then the inquiry is subject to immediate rejection. When booking occurs, I have no time to repeat myself in answering questions that can be found in this FAQ. Please utilize this page as much as possible.

Can I still email you before booking opens if I have a question that isn’t in your FAQ

Please check my FAQ thoroughly before emailing me. If your question can be answered within this page, your email will be ignored.

If you are asking for pricing, single sessions will range between $450-650. Larger pieces that require more than 3 hours to complete will start at $600 and add $200 per hour for every additional hour of working time.

If you are asking if I will accept your project, then this is an inquiry and you need to wait until booking reopens if we are not currently in a booking session.

When do you work?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are available days of the week and available time slots at 12:30 pm and 4:30/5:30pm.
I am no longer working on Wednesdays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

Where do you work?

Currently, I am at Pussykat Tattoo
4972 S Maryland Pkwy # 12
Las Vegas NV 89119

My studio is along YOUR LEFT side of the shop when you walk in, past the table and couch. I’m the first door past the arch down the hallway. Usually my door will be open, but if it’s not then just knock. A banner with my name will be on the door.

How do you pronounce your name?

Lea: LAY-UH, like Princess Leia from Star Wars

Ligot: LI-GOT, “li” like “I lit the candle” but shorter, then “got” like “I got you a boba”

What are you doing about COVID-19 and tattooing?

*This section has been updated since June 29th 2021.

I am fully vaccinated but will continue to wear masks during our session while tattooing.

If you are fully vaccinated, please be courteous and continue to wear your mask whenever possible, but I will be less strict when it comes to taking water breaks.

If you are not fully vaccinated, continue to wear a mask for the entire duration of your tattoo as before.

Guests are welcome and the same rules apply to them as listed above.

If you are feeling sick in ANY capacity, please notify me and reschedule.

When are you available for a tattoo?

I’m currently by appointment only! I cannot take last minute appointments or walk-ins unless I state otherwise on my Instagram account (this is the place to go for all of the latest updates with me!

How much do you charge?

Session minimum: $350 (including deposit).

On average, single sessions with me will range from $450-600 total (including deposit amount) for tattoos that can be started and completed in one session. If we’re working on bigger projects that require more sessions I break that down in a plan on an individual level.

ALL-DAY sessions are possible, but will be priced to cover two full time slots. You must inquire to see if your project qualifies for this pricing.

My pricing fluctuates often, but this is a general range currently. It is subject to change at any time for any project.

Please inquire for more details on pricing.

How is price determined?

There are several factors, but the main ones are overall size, level of detail, and the anticipated time it will take to complete the tattoo. I put a lot of work into my tattoos and have priced them out to what I believe I deserve for that work.

In general, single sessions will range between $450-650. Larger pieces that require more than 3 hours to complete will start at $600 and add $200 per hour for every additional hour of working time. This is all subject to change at any time.

Remember that tattoos are a luxury! They are living pieces of art that are (for the most part) one of a kind to you. These are (for the most part) permanent investments to your body so be mindful about what you’re getting and who is doing them.

Please inquire for more details on pricing.

Do you do discounts for multiple people? Couples? Birthdays? Holidays? Special occasions? Memorials? Military? Dedications for sickness of all types? 

I don’t offer discounts of any kind, but I do handle every situation on an individual basis to try to accommodate a range of budgets and give you a few different options that will work within any reasonable given budget.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. I require $100 minimum deposit that will both secure your appointment, and pay for any drawings I do in preparation for your tattoo. Whatever amount you set for the deposit will go toward the total price of your tattoo, so on the day of your appointment you’ll only be responsible for the difference. Deposits must be made before a week leading up to your appointment. 

ALL deposits are non-refundable and now non-transferable if you need to cancel or reschedule. Deposits will count as cancellation fees if in the event of a cancellation, reschedule, or a no-call-no-show. Please give me at least 24 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule just as a courtesy. Emergencies come up, just try to keep me informed. No-call-no-shows get a fast pass to my shitlist, so please don’t be rude and just let me know what’s up.

Deposits are to be made online via Paypal. I will send you the link during the booking process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In order of preference: Cash, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, or credit card.

Will you do my tattoo?

Maybe—as long as I feel it’s within my ability/interest. Please look through my profile and see if the way I tattoo is a good fit for the style you’re looking for. If you’re unsure if I’d be interested, then there’s no harm in just asking me! Please inquire to see if I’m able to do your tattoo.

Will you tattoo under 18?

Nope, only 18 and over please.

Do you do coverups? Can you rework a tattoo I already have?

I’m only open to coverups or reworks under these conditions:

  1. We have a separate tattoo project planned out first!
    • I would appreciate not using me for cleaning up someone else’s mess, I want to do something of my own vision with you first.
  2. For coverups:
    • I have to be confident that I can cover your tattoo successfully. Every single situation is different and I would evaluate on a case by case basis. If I don’t feel confident in the project, I will not take it on and will usually suggest laser removal to help make your existing tattoo easier to work with to make a more successful coverup.
  3. For reworks:
    • Please do your best to talk to your original artist first just because it can be incredibly rude to start a project with another artist and get it finished or reworked by another. I usually will only take on these projects if you’re looking to expand greatly on what you already have. If you want very little changes, I would encourage you to seek out the original artist above all, OR if we add it on as a small rework project to an independent project we do separately.

Just ask me nicely! I would like to try to help you as best that I can, but I am not a magician and cannot undo all of the tattoo mistakes of the world. Please come into these projects with an open mind as I will try to do my best, but coverups and reworks are not always perfect!

Do you have premade designs available?

I do have some available designs posted on my Instagram page and also in a book of designs available to peruse at the shop, but the most current will be on my Instagram.

How can I claim a design?

If books are open, then you can send an email with a screenshot of the design you’d like to claim and as long as it’s available then we make an appointment, you set a deposit, and the design is claimed. It then becomes unavailable and I edit the postings accordingly. 

What if the design I wanted gets claimed before I can do the claiming? What is a “Sister Design”?

You have two options: cut your losses and try again with another design, or if you really liked the concept then ask me if I’d be comfortable designing something similar and custom for you. Most of the time I am fine with a redraw/making a sister design. 

What is a sister design?

A sister design refers to a custom design closely inspired to an existing design that I have originally created that had already been claimed. THE DESIGN MUST BE OF MY ORIGINAL CREATION TO QUALIFY FOR A SISTER DESIGN REQUEST. As this is a custom request, I will change the design to your preference, but keep some elements the same/similar so that it’s still close to the original, but different enough to stand alone. Like a sibling–a sister.

Will you do custom work?


Custom work is for any request that is not for a pre-made or flash design.

This includes the following:

  • A standard request for a tattoo idea you’d like for me to consider
  • Continuing ongoing projects like adding color, progressing on a sleeve, etc.
  • Requesting a sister design of a claimed design (see section “sister design” in my FAQ for more info)
  • Commissioned artworks from non-tattoo artists with their explicit permission
  • Your own artwork although I will change it to make it tattooable

How do I set up an appointment?

Instructions are available through the “Book an Appointment” page. Please be prepared to set a deposit for any appointment.

**Please be sure to check your spelling in the entire inquiry!

What if I’m from out of town?

I would love to tattoo you! When you make your inquiry, please put that you are from out of town, or at the very least a non-local, somewhere in either the subject line or the beginning of your inquiry so that I know that you would have specific time constraints. Please also be sure to let me know what dates you’d want to book for. I cannot promise that I will definitely get you booked, but you will get a fair shot like everyone else!

How soon do you respond to your email?

I will generally respond to emails in the evening! Any emails I receive over my weekend (Saturday and Sunday) are answered on Sunday nights.

Why do you require only email correspondence? Why can’t I text or direct message you on instagram?


I’m the type of person that can write quite a bit and I tend to be able to explain myself more clearly if I write everything out. That can get pretty lengthy over a text message, so I prefer email to break it all down. It can also be much easier to send higher resolution images via email rather than text so I prefer it greatly.

Where is my design? Can I see what you’ve drawn up? Can you send me the sketches?

Nope! Everyone will receive their designs on the day of and only sketches with watermarks are sent in the morning of the appointment! I draw on a tablet, so if there are any adjustments that need to be made, they can be made at the time of your appointment. However, if you require an overall redesign, we will need to reschedule and your deposit for that appointment is forfeit.

More than likely, if you have seen my work and like what I do, and if you’ve been very clear in communicating what you want, then major redesigns should not be necessary. It’s only when ideas have been completely miscommunicated that there ever has been any issue, but for the most part I try to be very thorough during the inquiry process to avoid these issues.

What happens if I come late/forget about my appointment?

I give everyone a 15 minute window, and during that time I must receive an email letting me know of your tardiness. If by the 15th minute and you are not in my studio, I consider the appointment a no-call-no-show.

If you forget about your appointment/no call no show me, then you forfeit your deposit for that missed appointment and you’ll have to set a new one if you make a new appointment. I’ll email you after your missed appointment to give you an opportunity to make a new appointment. I don’t particularly love to reprimand someone over missing their appointment so please try to help us both avoid an awkward situation and be mindful of your appointment!

That being said everyone is responsible for keeping their own appointments. I don’t send reminders and often I won’t have the time to confirm with everyone, so it’s up to you.

Do I get to keep the art you did for me anyway?

Not at all. The art belongs to me and only for me to tattoo. Please understand that it would be really shitty if someone blew me off on an appointment and then got it done by someone else.

The deposit pays for the time I work on the art for your tattoo, but does not entitle you to ownership of that artwork. All artwork that I produce belongs to me. Obviously a tattoo will belong to its wearer, but the artwork belongs to the artist. That’s why ripping off someone else’s tattoo is a big offense as you’re stealing someone else’s work.

Will you draw something for me?

Only if it’s for a tattoo you’ve set a deposit for!

I live so far away and can’t come to you! Can I have my local artist tattoo one of your designs?


Do you plan on traveling and doing guest spots/conventions?

Yes, when the world stops burning!

Any tips for newbies?

Getting tattooed is only as hard as you want to make it. Here are my top tips for getting through your first tattoo:

  • Sleep well and eat well before your appointment! Your body uses up a lot of energy getting tattooed so make sure you come fully charged and well fed with a carby meal to get you through it.
  • Don’t overdo it on the caffeine! It can cause anxiety and make you jumpy, two things you don’t want to feel during a tattoo!
  • Bring headphones! Sometimes you can talk to your tattoo artist to get through your tattoo, but if you just want to chill out and distract yourself then just pop in those headphones and get lost.
  • Bring supportive people if you bring anyone. There’s nothing worse for your psyche than someone trying to mess it up by making you feel tense or nervous. Even if it’s jokingly, sometimes it can really get to you so try to pick people that will comfort you when you need it.
  • Don’t. Use. Numbing cream. There’s a reason we don’t numb you beforehand, not only because that would defeat the point of a tattoo that’s a permanent change to your body and should be respected with a certain level of seriousness, but because it’ll make the pain much worse. All numbing agents eventually wear off, and when it does all of the pain that your body was still experiencing will hit you hard and fast. All tattoos hurt, there’s no way around that, but your body is a strange and wonderful organism that will help you get through the pain once the adrenaline and endorphins wash through your body. We rely on that and your own true grit to get through a tattoo. Because only then can you say you really earned it!